Harmonizing Healthcare: How UCLA Health's PNBS Got Efficiency Overhaul with Kaizen

Client: UCLA Health – Patient Navigation and Business Services (PNBS) 

Industry: Healthcare 

About: UCLA Health is one of the world’s leading, advanced healthcare systems, groundbreaking research and academic medical center. Their mission is to provide state-of-the-art patient care, generate research discoveries leading to new treatments and diagnoses, and train future generations of health care professionals. Beyond providing exceptional medical care, UCLA Health is committed to serving its expansive community, addressing health disparities, and promoting health education.


We partnered with UCLA Health’s Patient Navigation and Business Services (PNBS) team to revitalize their Salesforce instance. This extensive project introduced successful Salesforce to Epic integrations, Salesforce Voice implementation, and other pioneering applications, significantly enhancing executive visibility and metrics.



Executive Leadership Insights


Efficiency & Communication


Big Picture Focus

Before our partnership, executives relied upon scattered and anecdotal information. Our solutions provided comprehensive and transformative insights that were previously unavailable. With more operational clarity the executive team was able to identify potential roadblocks and adapt intuitively.

The Challenge

UCLA Health, with its extensive network of 4 hospitals and nearly 250 clinics, consistently ranks among the top healthcare providers. Their PNBS team is a multifaceted operation, functioning as a hospital within a hospital, managing the entire customer journey, from business development and new partnerships to complex patient management and discharges. The challenge was to alleviate staff constraints to improve the efficiency of internal processes and in turn, patient outcomes.

The Solution

Over the course of a year, we closely collaborated with PNBS in several key areas:

  • Operation: (filler text, about 2 sentences)
  • Business Development: (filler text, about 2 sentences)
  • Finance: (filler text, about 2 sentences)

Our approach consistently aimed at scaling the team’s capabilities while providing valuable insights into their day-to-day operations.

Kaizen's On The Case

With several complex projects happening at any time, it is easy to get lost in the details.

Because of Kaizen’s smaller scale and unique approach to their clients, all the team members are able to ask questions about how one team’s decision may impact a workflow on a project Kaizen is managing with another team.


Unintended Positive Outcomes

Variations in Process and Quality: We were inspired by the outpour of newly discovered data to implement performance boards for transparency and improved standards.

Resource Allocation: Enhanced management tools allowed executive leaders to focus resources more effectively.



Our partnership with UCLA Health’s PNBS team resulted in:

  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Increased transparency and empowerment among team members
  • Significant reduction in redundant documentation
  • Heightened automation